Tuesday, May 24, 2011

President Buffoon--A Two-fer Today!

Earlier today President Obama signed a guest book at Westminster Abbey. He signed his name and dated the entry: 24 May 2008.

Not being content to embarrass our country only once today, he completely screwed up by offering a toast to the queen as God Save The Queen was playing. Protocol dictates that one stays silent during the song, and toasts afterwards.

Some comments from HotAir.com:
"And they look down on hillbillies."
"SNL wouldn’t bother spoofing this unless it was Palin or Bush that did it."
"Just curious, did Obama bow to the Queen, or does he save that for Arab princes?"
"The most brilliant president we have ever had required note cards to offer a toast at dinner…. *sigh*"
"Somewhere in Heaven… Winston Churchill is smiling."
"AMG so awkward I had to stop watching, I didn’t even enjoy it for the schadenfreude."
And from the ABC story about the event: "Seriously, reading off note cards for a toast? and his supporters ragged on Palin for writing speaking points for a speech on her hand??? Lol, the irony!"

What's sad is that by extension he makes the rest of us look bad.


Is our children learning about blood libel? said...

Your petty attempts to publicize Obama miscues leads me to believe you've already given up on the 2012 Presidential race. Your silence on the GOP's dwarfs is interesting. Tell us: who do you like? (An answer of "Any of them--all of them" would be perfect!)

If Europeans complained about Obama, the FoxNews fan base would rejoice. But Europeans love "O'Bama," miscues and all.

And that forces the FoxNews narrative to complain that Euro love for Obama is somehow bad. "He should be hated like Bush was hated!" "Whatever they love, we should hate!"

Honestly: no one whoever supported Bush or Palin in anything can come across as credible when taking frivolous digs at Obama. Biden, though; help yourself--we'll all have a hearty chuckle.

Happy Elf Mom said...

*So mad* he has not dropped everything and come home to help out the people of Missouri in some way. Remember how Bush was criticised after Hurricane Katrina? I'm not saying I 'specially want Obama hanging out in Joplin, but coming home and at least working the phones from his desk would at least give the impression that he WANTS to help.

Maybe our people out here cling to their guns and religion, but my Democrat neighbours are angry that Obama is not in the US at a time like this. It will be remembered when election time comes 'round again I hope.

Like him or not, he is our president and people count on his presence whether it would actually change anything or not...

Darren said...

Sorry, I don't accept your bait. But please, tell me how this gaffe-o-matic is the smartest guy ever to inhabit the White House. Show me how his smart diplomacy is paying so many dividends for us. Tell me about the wonderful effects of the porkulus package, the passage of which would prevent unemployment over 8%.

No, you'd rather rant about Fox News. *sigh* I'm ranting about the idiot president of the US, and you rant about Fox News.

Ellen K said...

Congratulations Darren. Evidently you have merited having some of Soros' paid drones trying to refute the facts. When you pair this with his previous visit when he gave DVD's that wouldn't play on European devices and a special IPOD filled with his speeches for the queen, you either have a Chief of Protocol who is a clueless boob or a President that is an oafish naif. Or both.

MikeAT said...


On that earlier visit and the fact our man-child resident at 1600 Penn Ave decided on the first day in office to insult the British by sending back their gift of a bust of Sir Winston Churchill, I've often wondered if he has one competent person on his staff. Someone who will tell him no....I think we know the answer.

Ellen K said...

I figured that Obama appointed someone from his young and every inexperienced staff of campaigners to the position of Chief of Protocol. God knows we would never have heard the end of it if Bush had done anything nearly so gauche. But that's okay because now he's headed to France where they love him according to the NYT. When are we going to grow up and stop buying the styles of European posers?

PeggyU said...

Europeans love Obama? I hardly think so. Some of them were enamored of a candidate who made hopey changey promises on the campaign trail, but empty words aren't very satisfying. They recognize him for what he is.

Here you go. Feel the love.

Michael said...


In debates over issues of the day with people at the office, amoung friends, etc I always get someone who says "...well this is how they do it in France...or England...etc". My usual answer is "This is America...we are not Europe...that's kinda the point...."

Anonymous said...

The band fucked up. They started playing AFTER he started his toast. At that point he was in a no win situation. Anything he did would look awkward, be it starting the toast again, or continuing.

Darren said...

Of course! It's the band's fault! Can't be our knucklehead who screwed up, especially without a teleprompter.

PeggyU said...

He had the option to simply stop speaking altogether. That would have been prudent, given the silence of everyone around him.

Darren said...

Snubbed by a real Nobel winner.