Monday, May 02, 2011

Nancy Pelosi, A Hypocrite?

Say it isn't so.

I concur completely with the closing sentiment:
It is unfortunate that many public figures are unable to view events otherwise than through a partisan prism. Osama bin Laden's operational significance had undoubtedly dwindled over the years, and al Qaeda, after nine years of relentless attacks, is a shadow of its former self. But bin Laden's death is obviously an important and helpful milestone in the long war against radical Islam. Congratulations to all who worked so hard for nearly a decade to bring it about.

Update, 5/4/11: For whatever reason--good, bad, political (and you can bet it's political), or otherwise--Nancy has now thanked President Bush for the role he played in bringing down Osama.


Ellen K said...

Maybe Fancy Nancy thinks she will need a job reference for Walmart after the next election.

Darren said...

Sadly, Nancy's in no reelection difficulties.

Fair Unbalanced said...

Well at least all the wingnut commentators (RushBo, Hannity, etc.) have set aside their partisan axes and saluted Obama for achieving what Bush did not. Those guys are to be commended for being Americans first and political hacks second.

Oh wait. I misspoke. According to them it was Bush who got bin Laden from beyond the Office in spite of Obama, who somehow botched the whole successful operation.

But they simply expose themselves as reality-distortion artists, and fair-minded citizens stopped paying attention to them ages ago.

But you gotta love their calculus: Carter was a loser because "he" botched the hostage rescue attempt. Reagan was blameless re the Beirut bombing, and Obama is to be given no credit for killing Osama bin Laden. A+