Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's Senior Prank Season

Pranks are one thing, destructive and/or costly-to-remove pranks are entirely different:
Thirty-one students have been suspended from a Michigan high school for five days after a scavenger hunt that included defecating on rival schools' athletic fields, officials said...

About 10 of the 31 were heavily involved in the May 5 hunt that also included cutting tennis nets at its rival school, Huron High School, and spray painting the letter P on their athletic fields, Margolis said. The rest of those suspended were either on the schools' property or in cars.

Don't be stupid.


Mrs. Bluebird said...

Well, that was pretty stupid, but this isn't much better:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

No consequences said...

"Suspended students will be allowed to participate in the school's graduation ceremony but they will not be allowed to attend the all-night senior party June 2."

Which is to say, "That stuff was high-larious and we hope to see more of these shenanigans next year. Keep at it kids; we're not really going to punish anyone for having a good time."

Your own school suffered an incident of extreme vandalism done to the school by its own students. Much, much worse than what Pioneer did to Huron. (Racist slogans spray-painted, windows broken, neighborhood property damage, and the unintended killing of a goat, among other things). Without videotaped evidence of exactly who did what, all known participants walked gleefully at graduation to the delight of their parents, who successfully used threats and intimidation to get their cherubs off the hook.

Lessons were taught; lessons were learned. And isn't that what school's all about?

Darren said...

When did this happen? The last incident of "senior prank vandalism" I recall was a few years ago, and the student was *not* allowed to participate in the graduation exercises.

No consequences said...

The "Bad to the Bone" Class of 1991. It included Mike Flanagan, who went on to earn a respectable fortune in the NFL.

You know who hated that Class of '91 the most? The Class of '92.

Darren said...

A little before my time--not just as a teacher at my current school, but as a teacher. I was just starting my 2nd career when you say that occurred.