Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Been Awhile Since We've Had A "Teachers Behaving Badly" Post

And the story comes from the Daily Mail in the UK:
Police in Texas have arrested another two teachers for allegedly having sex with their students.

Angela New, 39, was jailed after she allegedly slept with an 18-year old from her school a month before he was due to graduate.

And April Alexander, 26, was jailed after being accused of having sex with a 16-year old student on more than 25 occasions.

The arrest of the two women follows the jailing of mother of three Brittni Colleps, who allegedly staged a sex orgy at her home while her serviceman husband was away on duty.

Colleps is accused of inviting the boys to her home in Arlington, Texas, where she allowed their sex romps to be filmed on cell phone cameras.

The 27-year old is facing up to ten years in jail after being charged with five felony counts of inappropriate relationships between a student and a teacher.

In the latest incidents, biology teacher Alexander was arrested at her home in Irving, Texas, after police received a tip off that she had been seeing one of her former students.

A police investigation alleges she began a relationship with a former student two years ago...

A day after Alexander's arrest, police in Gladewater, Texas, arrested 39-year old Angela New.

School chiefs had been tipped off about her alleged affair with the 18-year old and launched an investigation before calling in police.

If stuff like this is going on at my school, I don't know about it and don't want to know about it.


Ellen K said...

I honestly don't know what is wrong with people sometimes. I've been in a school where this has happened and morale takes a big hit. Kids hate it, especially the girls. Teachers hate it, especially when red tape prevents the right thing from happening. What is far more disturbing is that while all the boys in this case were 18, none of the parents now want to press charges. Do you want to know why? Because all the evidence is on their cell phones. Opening up the cell phones to public scrutiny might also reveal other unsavory things. And that might result in these five football players losing their scholarships. The same thing happened when a female teacher had sex with him at my school. So much for ethics.

Ellen K said...

Oh and by the way, please do bring up the double standard. In the same area, an AP teacher with a long experience of student success was accused of similar acts by a student. The difference was that he was male and the assumption was he was guilty. As it turned out, the kid was lying and never showed up in court. She made up the story as retaliation for failing his test. He was a marked man for over a year before being exonerated. Yet the same media mindset urged us to consider the family of Colleps where they never hesitated to brand a male teacher as a pervert. This is wrong and every womens' rights group should be appalled as this seems to be happening with female teachers far more frequently than I have seen in history.

Anonymous said...

Man did I have the wrong teachers :(

Ellen K said...

You might want to look at the photos first.....,r:0,s:0

Anonymous said...

OK, Nevermind.