Saturday, May 28, 2011

His Name Makes It Too Easy

Crazy Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner (snicker) is saying is Twitter account was hacked, that he didn't really send a woman a picture of his erect package in underwear.

When Republicans do stupid stuff--even something like sending shirtless pics of themselves to women--they resign. Pronto. Weiner's claiming hackery.

I'm sure his wife can tell if that's his or not.

Update, 5/29/11: Would your spouse buy your explanation?

Update #2, 5/29/11: Mediaite gives two sides of the story, why Weiner might be covering up and why this might actually be a framing/hacking.

Update #3, 5/31/11: Weiner's story is falling apart.
He brusquely says he'd like to go back to work. I'm sure he would. I'm sure Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Mark Sanford, Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, Chris Lee and heck, John Edwards, wanted to go back to their very important work too. Our world doesn't work like that. The truth will come out and it seems very obvious what that truth will be.
Update #4, 6/6/11: He finally admits it:
A week after claiming a hacker had posted a lewd photo to his Twitter account, U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner on Monday apologized for lying about the ordeal and admitted carrying on inappropriate relationships with several women he'd met online.
He says he won't resign, of course. Only Republicans resign after displaying such poor judgement; in fact, only Republicans are called upon to resign after displaying such poor judgement.


ChrisA said...

Even if it IS his picture it doesn't mean he wasn't hacked. LOL!

My prediction is there will be no resignation.

Darren said...

Of course he won't resign, no one expects Democrats to do so.