Wednesday, May 04, 2011

George "Moonbat" Monbiot Admits--Green Movement Is Hopelessly Flawed

You've got to love the teaser to his article:
All of us in the green movement are lost before the planet's real nightmare: not too little fossil fuel – but too much

That's right, folks. Peak oil isn't the problem, the problem is there's so much oil available that we're not going to turn away from it for unproven, far more expensive alternatives because we don't have to. And after admitting that the environmental left doesn't have anywhere intelligent to go, he throws up his hands in surrender:
All of us in the environment movement, in other words – whether we propose accommodation, radical downsizing or collapse – are lost. None of us yet has a convincing account of how humanity can get out of this mess. None of our chosen solutions break the atomising, planet-wrecking project. I hope that by laying out the problem I can encourage us to address it more logically, to abandon magical thinking and to recognise the contradictions we confront. But even that could be a tall order.
I assert--and this is just me being wacky here--that the reason you can't come up with a "solution" is because you've misidentified the problem.

This article does an exceptional job of shredding Moonbat and his compatriots.

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allen (in Michigan) said...

I don't even think the IEA is right.

Peak Oil's been predicted, pretty much continuously, since the late 1890s which casts the current predictions in a somewhat less then credible light.