Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CTA's State of Emergency: The Lamest Show on Earth

The California Teachers Association's State of Emergency rallies ended last Friday, not with a bang but with a whimper. "Mellow" is not a word you want associated with the culmination of your angry protests.

Many of the union's nuttier ideas were discarded under public scrutiny, but one that survived intact was the "300 volunteers needed for a sit-in in the State Capitol (beginning Monday, May 9)." We've since learned that the sit-in and arrests on Monday occurred over CTA objections, and the "occupation" of the Capitol involved searching in vain for GOP legislators to bother (it helps if you know what they look like).

Two news cycles were devoted to CTA president David Sanchez's overnight jail stay (plus video) and the - I kid you not - vigil that was held until his release.

It's somehow appropriate to the situation in California that the State of Emergency protests cost millions of dollars and thousand of man-hours while accomplishing nothing concrete.

Read more at EIA. Further down on the same page we get this:
Washington Education Association Approves "Day of Action." It's all the rage with the cool kids. I'm guessing it will include, oh, I don't know, a protest rally at the Capitol?

One-note Charlie.

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PeggyU said...

Yes, and the "Day of Action" will translate into a postponed end of the school year. The kids here aren't going to get out until the third week of June as it is. This is on account of the teacher strike that took place at the start of the school year. Throw in a couple of snow days (one of which was completely unnecessary), and so much for summer break.