Sunday, May 15, 2011

Can They Control It, Or Not?

Teenagers will always say they can't control farting or loud burping or whatever, but when you put genuine (and unpleasant) consequences behind your disgust they usually, somehow, find ways to control the uncontrollable. How can we tell the difference between controllable and uncontrollable behavior, though? With 13-year-old boys, I'm not willing to be very lenient, and neither is this school district:
An Ohio seventh-grader was suspended last week for doing arguably the most predictable thing a 13-year-old boy could do for a laugh on the school bus. He cut the cheese.

Canal Winchester Middle School students Anthony Nichols and another boy lost their bus privileges on Friday for their stinky stunt, which prompted the customary rousing laughter and "lowering of windows," according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Administrators ruled that the flatulence was in violation of the school's code of conduct, but if you ask Nichols' parents, the decision reeks of poor judgement.
Mumsy claims that she has "gastrointestinal distress" and perhaps her son does, too. So? Others shouldn't have to suffer because of your problem. Wear those charcoal-lined undies or something, and quit making excuses for your jerk of a kid.


James said...

Dude, the kid farted. You can't get mad because a teenage boy farted.

I don't want to live in a world where farts are against the law.

Darren said...

*You* can sit next to him then.

This was a repeated occurrence.

Mrs. Widget said...

Write a kid up...strange how a kid will all of sudden get better.

Had the same issue with one student.

talked to his mother in the "is there something wrong we need to know about" tone and it stopped for a while.

Then it started up again. Talked to him outside the class. "if you feel the urge you have my blanket permission to step outside or in the back of the class away from everybody before it happens."

Him "mrs w its not me..."

"Good then we should not have this problem anymore."

I still maintain part of the problem is their diet. Sodas, and Vaults, and fiery cheeeeetoes...Had one real bad, I knew it was because he'd get drunk on beer every night.