Friday, May 06, 2011

The $25 Computer

David Braben is a very well-known game developer who runs the UK development studio Frontier Developments, but is just as well known for being the co-developer of Elite...

Braben argues that education since we entered the 2000s has turned towards ICT which teaches useful skills such as writing documents in a word processor, how to create presentations, and basic computer use skills. But that has replaced more computer science-like skills such as basic programming and understanding the architecture and hardware contained in a computer.

As someone who bought a book and taught himself BASIC, I agree with him. Check out his solution.


ChrisA said...

Darren, that's way cool, thanks for the link. Would a device like this be useful in Middle School or is it more for High School or both?


allen (in Michigan) said...

It's a general purpose computer. The only thing it isn't is powerful enough to run really demanding stuff like advanced games and probably resource-intensive applications like movie-editing software. Even there it would run the software. It would just run slowly.

Pretty cool though.