Friday, April 08, 2011

Why Is Discipline Non-existent In Some Schools?

Go read this post by Mr. Chanman. If you're not a teacher and didn't know things like this existed, it'll make your jaw drop; if you're a teacher, you'll just shake your head in knowing disgust and rage.


PeggyU said...

... bet his parents wouldn't miss him if they put him on the wrong bus home.

Anonymous said...

I posted over there as well...but, essentially, it's a lazy admin and not the sped rules (I'm a sped teacher).

After ten days of suspension a manifestation hearing to determine if the behavior is a manifestation of the student's disability that's not being treated is held. I've only participated in one manifestation that didn't result in an expulsion, and that one allowed us to talk turkey to the parents and solve problems.

It's the fault of lazy admins. I've had good ones and bad ones both. The good ones will find a reason to appropriately discipline/manage a kid like this, and a good district will send a kid into a more restrictive setting or limitations on bus usage (so why isn't this kid on a short bus?! Appears to be behaviorally justified).

Staying anonymous for my own protection...for obvious reasons.

mrelliott said...

We have GOT to acknowledge the difference between behavior due to a disability, and criminal behavior.

We have GOT to get the criminal behavior out of the schools, so learning takes place.

KauaiMark said...

"...difference between behavior due to a disability, and criminal behavior"

Agree totally and that starts with a look at the parents and home environment. If the IEP enables a "You can't touch me" attitude then it and the kid are doomed to fail.

Anonymous said...

What Mr. Elliott said.

anonymous sped teacher.

Ellen K said...

I posted there as well. It's a combination of lazy administrators who are terrorized by lawyered up parents and lack of knowledge. For example, manifestation would come into play at my school if a Sped kid had that many issues. But I do have to add that many of the parents of kids with paperwork create more problems than they solve. In many cases they don't show up for ARD's or they show up considering ARD's as a forum for abuse to be heaped upon teachers. By high school the kids know the score one way or another. Case in point is my department ceramics teacher who has four kids in Juvey, two in alternative school and one who mysteriously gets to take tests even though they are MIA for a month. Every single one of these kids wer SpEd or 504 at some level. Pity their peers who have their time wasted in class by their shenanigans.