Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why FDR Was Against Public Sector Unions

Michigan Union Leader: We Will Use Public Jobs as ‘Weapon and Shut This State Down’

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allen (in Michigan) said...

I wouldn't start filling sand bags just yet. This is just trash-talk. When it comes down to it the unions will fold and everyone knows it. The union guys are just hoping Snyder won't call their bluff. It's not a bet I'd take.

Part of the reason things are heating up here in Michigan is that the House passed a change to the teacher's anti-strike law.

Used to be it was pretty much a joke but no one's laughing now.

School districts have been pretty much cut out of the process so the union can't look to the board to not pull the trigger on the anti-strike law.

Oh yeah, the penalties have gone up a trifle.

-$5,000/teacher/day fines on the union.
-One day pay docked for each day on strike for teachers.
-Various other penalties like loss of tenure, seniority loss and few other nicks that draw blood.

This is a problem in the process of being dealt with. I had a lefty claim that in five years unions would be in resurgence. I offered to bet on that outcome. No takers.