Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Video Is Very Hard To Watch

Socialist Teachers Discuss Indoctrinating Public Schoolchildren


Anonymous said...

These teachers are in a tiny minority. I'm not saying that preaching (as opposed to teaching about) socialism is a good idea, but I'm at least as concerned about the far greater number of teachers who refuse to teach evolution.

Darren said...

If they refuse to teach the required curriculum, they should be fired. That's entirely different, and not as subtle or insidious, as the indoctrination mentioned in the video.

neko said...

The second woman states that a socialist's role in the classroom is to allow students the opportunity to think for themselves.

Does she actually thinks that a system that essentially requires everyone to think alike in order to do anything, will somehow lead to everyone being able to think for themselves?

neko said...


I posted a little too quickly. Could you correct the second line to say: "Does she actually think that..." instead of "thinks" and then just delete this post?


Darren said...

Neko, I cannot modify comments, so I'll just leave your correction here.