Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Everything is a major effort, requiring time and involved planning.

If I'm lying down and want to sit up, I have to devise a lengthy series of steps to follow; once I start following them, it can still be a full minute or two before I'm standing.

A round trip from my living room to my library is a full 10 minutes, even with the aid of a walker.

Undressing, bathing, and dressing yesterday took over an hour.

I'm not helpless, but I feel darn close.

Everything I do, it feels like I'm moving through molasses. Fortunately, time is one thing I have in abundance right now.

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Ellen K said...

I sympathize. In October I managed to get a virus and a sinus infection at the same time. The resulting coughing spasms led me to crack two ribs. There's NO WAY TO SLEEP with cracked ribs. I spent four straight days playing games online. Worst four days of my life and that includes when I was having gall bladder attacks and when my appendix went south. Take it easy, catch up on reading, learn to draw, write a book...suddenly you have time.