Thursday, April 28, 2011


According to this article, IQ tests measure not just innate intelligence but also motivation--to which I say, Duh! But, if someone isn't motivated to do well, they're probably not going to! In that regard, the IQ tests are still predictive.


Carol said...

It seems like it's always the mediocre ones who tell you, I didn't do well because I just didn't care, didn't like the subject, didn't know how it would help me in *real life* etcetera. I always thought, how narrow minded to dismiss whole fields of knowledge in such a self-serving way.

I think low IQ people tend to make excuses a lot.

allen (in Michigan) said...

Is there a definition of whatever quantity or quality an IQ test is supposed to measure? I poked around a couple of times looking for a foundation upon which the IQ test is built and about all I could find was "'cause I say so".

Given when the test was initially developed I've concluded IQ tests are more of a response to a demand then the outcome of a successful theory.

More simply, they're B.S.