Thursday, April 21, 2011

Did The World Go On Without Me?

Yesterday morning, my son, a friend of his, and I headed up I-80 to Reno for the night. We stopped off at Boreal for me to get an hour or two of skiing in, and this morning on the way back we stopped again for the same reason.

Here are some cell phone pictures from our hotel room this morning, looking roughly southwest to west towards the Sierra. (We were at the western most of the big hotels/casinos, which is why you don't see any others in these pictures.)
click to embiggen

Forty minutes away, in those same mountains, was the ski slope:

And this was the first 20-plus minutes of the drive home after skiing:
A good time was had by all--especially by the casinos and their slot machines :-)


MasonPiper said...

My paycheck thanks you for your contribution

Darren said...

I'm sure it does :-)