Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weight Loss Update

Actually, that title is misleading. It would be more accurate to call it "Weight Stabilization Update", as my weight has fluctuated within a 5-lb band for a few months now.

When I got out of the army, during Bush 41's presidency, I wore pants with a waist size of 29. Over the years that number slowly crept up, and last spring I bought some size 36 pants. By last summer those pants were getting a little snug.

At the end of July I started my weight loss regimen, and within 2-1/2 months had lost about 20 lbs. I now fluctuate between 20 and 25 pounds lost. Regular readers will know that part of my regimen includes hot yoga and now the gym; my last hot yoga class will be tomorrow, and I'll probably hit the gym a little tonight.

My goal was 30 pounds, and when I reached that point, I was going to try to go another 10--just to be on the safe side! In those heady days of early fall, when the weight was just flying off me, that seemed not only doable but inevitable. Three months of plateau, though, has cured me of a little of my exuberance.

Those size 36 pants now almost fall off me, and a few months ago I treated myself to some size 34's. Even those are now a tiny bit loose on me, so today I treated myself to a couple of pairs of 33's. I'm going to keep at this. My original goal was 30 pounds by the end of the school year, and that's still a mark that's within reach.

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Ellen K said...

Congratulations. I've been working out four days a week and watching my food intake, but I am seeing precious little results. Granted, it's early days yet, but still stories like yours make me think it is doable.