Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Tucson Shootings

I've received a few emails asking when I was going to do a post on the Tucson shootings. I think all my regular readers probably know where I stand on the issue and those who asked probably just wanted to hear me say it (figuratively, of course, since I type here).

I'm not going to explain how the American Right, or Sarah Palin, or Glenn Beck, or the NRA, or any other unjustly accused person or organization was, in fact, unjustly accused of complicity in assassination and murder. We all know it was unjust, so I see no reason to expound on that.

No, I'm just going to point out the rampant hypocrisy of the American Left--the ones, like Eleanor Rodham Clift, whom I saw on The McLaughlin Group last night, who always say that whatever evil there is, the American Right is worse. In this post I'll just provide a compendium of the Left's evil and let it speak for itself.

Let's not forget that the press is complicit in this. The same press that cautioned restraint and not jumping to conclusions when a Moslem fired on unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood, in this case jumped on the Tea Party/Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck/NRA hatefest. And they did it with gusto, in the absence of any fact or evidence.

Let's not forget that the same people who pretended to be offended at the use of the term "blood libel", which is what they committed against Palin in particular, casually toss around the term "denier" to describe those of us who don't believe in anthropogenic global warming (see this eco-video if "denier" isn't harsh enough for you).

The Right is a bunch of evil, threatening, murderous thugs in this country? Who are you going to believe, the American Left or your own lying eyes?

Democrats have never used targets on pictures to get their point across? Who are you going to believe, the American Left or your own lying eyes?

Only Sarah Palin ever "targeted" Congresswoman Giffords? Who are you going to believe, the American Left or your own lying eyes?

President Obama has had to endure the worst attacks and threats of any president ever? Who are you going to believe, the American Left or your own lying eyes?

The American Right is hateful? Who are you going to believe, the American Left or your own lying eyes?

OK, maybe there are a few crazies on the Left, but certainly no one with any influence on the Left says such hateful things. Who are you going to believe, the American Left or your own lying eyes?

At this point, choosing to believe anything anyone on the Left says about the Right (or just about any other topic) almost requires a complete and total willingness to suspend reality.

Update, 1/16/11: One of the victims of last weekend's shooting has twisted off, threatening the head of Tucson's Tea Party, and has been involuntarily committed to a mental health facility. MSNBC loves the guy, though.

Update #2, 1/16/11: There's way too much truth in this witty fictional exchange posted on Instapundit a few days ago:

Lefty: Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement encourage hatred and violence!
Questioner: How do you know?
Lefty: Because whenever I think about them, I’m filled with hate and a desire to do harm!

Update #3, 1/16/11: The left’s definition of civil discourse is surreal.

Update #4, 1/22/11: You can take your "violent rhetoric" talk and bite me, Chris Matthews:

Chris Matthews on Thursday actually showed a graphic image of the Capitol building with a red target on it and crosshairs in the foreground.

This hypocritically occurred moments before a lengthy segment on "Hardball" about violent rhetoric wherein he complained about "over-the-top references to guns all the time by people like Sarah Palin" (video follows with transcript and commentary)....

The video shows an image of the Capitol with crosshairs on it, with the words "Fire On The Right". Another site sarcastically states:

This is clearly one of many warning signs that shouldn’t be ignored. We suspend first graders for drawing pictures of guns at school, so episodes like these deserve the same kind of caution.

What's good for the goose, Chris....


scott mccall said...

considering the issue....i refuse to listen to either side.

ever since giffords was shot on saturday, all the media here in tucson is just looking for something to blame, left or right.

at this point, i dont care to listen to the media or their influence....i only listen to the facts

Ellen K said...

There are two separate issues here. One is how the ADA limited families' abilities to get mentally ill members into facilities. The other is gun control and how this nutjob managed to circumvent the meaning of the phrase. First, anyone who is demented enough to risk their own death in the commission of such a crime is virtually unstoppable. This man was delusional and his family knew it. For some reason they chose not to engage in perceptions of social stigma and to ignore their son's increasingly bizarre public behavior. This goes back once again to feelgood politics that made it where the mentally ill were supposed to self monitor. This gave rise to many of the homeless people we have right now. What is most troubling is how people like Florida's Wasserman-Schultz chose to use this event to push the Obama agenda. On this morning ABC poor excuse for a political news show, she answered a question by pushing the Obamacare bill. This is sickening political rhetoric on the face,but betrays the essential hypocrisy of many on the left. They have no intention of being civil. They never did.