Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Giving A Choice--Do It My Way, Or Else

I'm not impressed with his first proposals as governor:

Gov. Jerry Brown will spare K-12 schools from further drastic cuts in his budget – so long as voters extend higher income taxes in a special election, according to sources familiar with his proposal.
Show me cuts elsewhere first, then let's talk tax increases.


Rhymes With Right said...

This is the sort of tactic that is used elsewhere -- propose drastic cuts in public safety services and then promise to relent if voters approve a tax increase. Of course, the police and fire cuts are the only cuts proposed in such instances -- apparently because those making the proposals don't find any excess spending elsewhere in the budget (like midnight basketball programs, programs to promote "diversity", the staffs of elected officials).

My argument in such instances has always been that the voters should reject the tax increases anyway -- let the politicians cut the cops, firefighters, and schools. Then let them explain why these cuts were necessary while everything else was sacred.

MikeAT said...

A leftist wanting to increase tax rates to pay off teacher unions....who would have thunk it?

Mr. W said...

Where is General Akbar when we need him? I can hear him already ... "IT'S A TRAP!"