Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting A Little Pissy With Your Colleagues

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

A California university professor has been charged with peeing on a colleague's campus office door...Investigators say a dispute between Petrov and another math professor was the motive.

The Los Angeles Times says Petrov was captured on videotape urinating on the door of another professor's office on the San Fernando Valley campus. School officials had rigged the camera after discovering puddles of what they thought was urine at the professor's door.

Say it with me: Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!


I. P. Freely said...

Golden showers in the Ivory Tower

Euclid said...

I said, "Pi", you idiot!

The Dean said...

Maybe he misheard 'peer review' as 'pee-er' review...

Polly Pissy Pants said...

I guess he was really pissed off.

Who leaked this story?

I heard his attorney said, "Urine trouble now."

What a wiz kid. When did he get his Pee-HD?

He'll certainly be relieved of his duties now.

Rene Decartes said...

This story is unReal. Plus, this is a Prime example and provides Proof of the Imaginary Domain in which many of these Irrational professors Function.

This Radical behavior shows that many institutions hire the Lowest Common Denominator. it's a slippery Slope. I Postulate that the Probability that this college will now be viewed as Odd is not Infinitesimal but rather better than Average. The school need to get to the Root of the Problem.

Well, I didn't Mean to go off on a Tangent.

Mary Elliott said...

LOL! I just laughed until I wet my pants!

Is there a Depends in the house??