Monday, January 31, 2011

From The "I Wish I Were Surprised, But I'm Not" File...

What could I possibly add to this Instapundit post?

IT’S AS IF ALL THAT “NEW CIVILITY” TALK WAS JUST A PLOY TO SHUT DOWN DEBATE: “Showing no concern for the new civility push that followed the Arizona massacre, a group of leftist activists from groups including Code Pink, Common Cause and jewel of liberal think tanks, the Center for American Progress, turned into a loud mob complete with Nazi imagery outside a conservative gathering in Rancho Mirage, California.”

UPDATE: Say, you think some enterprising reporter will ask Obama or a spokesman whether the President condemns this sort of behavior? No, me neither.


Mr. W said...

now Darren, you should know that it's ok because they are right and everyone else is wrong. So they are protecting us from hearing hate speech...geeze

Ellen K said...

Darren, you didn't seriously think that admonishment was meant for anyone on the left did you? Of course it was designed to quiet debate.