Monday, January 03, 2011

Back To The Battle

After 2 weeks of resting and recreating, I go back into battle today. With the help of a former student who's studying to become a math teacher, all grading is complete--he graded the stats tests, and I graded all the stats survey reports. The only thing I wanted to accomplish but didn't was to plan out the next two weeks' worth of lessons, but I can do that after school today.

I've not shaved my head for over a month, and this weekend I dyed my hair, what little I have, blond and put tiger stripes in it. Why, you ask? Simply because I can. I'm going to buzz it all off after I embarrass my son by picking him up from school tomorrow (one of the perks of parenting a teenager), so it's only a big deal to those who want to make it a big deal.

Time to go. Have a great day, and a great new year.

Update: You can't see the stripe on top or the symmetrical stripes on the right side of my head, but this gives you an idea. It's about time to shave my head anyway, so why not have some fun with my hair before doing so! The last thing to do: pick my son up from school looking like this!
click to enlarge

For those of you who think only the stripes look odd, my natural hair color is dark brown (turning somewhat gray).


MikeAT said...


Remember with a teenager you know nothing, he knows everything, you will wonder "When did I get so stupid....I should let him do it all..." and somewhere your parents will feel the urge to smile!

Sounds like some payback! :<)

Happy New Year

Steve USMA '85 said...

Pics Darren! We want Pics!!!

Mr. W said...

funny...I didn't shave my head for two weeks and had a lot of hair. Shaved it last night and this morning my daughter freaked out and now she wants me to grow it back...great. I have had a shaved head for 7 years. looks like that's done for awhile.

MikeAT said...


Darren give us some warning next time! :<)

Anonymous said...

That's actually a pretty good look for you. Maybe not the stripes (though it's not bad), but definitely the blond. :)

W.R. Chandler said...

Way to keep your son on his toes!