Thursday, August 05, 2010

Thursday Trivia

The answer to yesterday's question--and it surprises me that two people got it--is:
Montana's has the words “oro y plata”, meaning “gold and silver.” Several states have latin words on their flags.

Today's question is:
Which US state flags have a Native American design as their primary design element?


maxutils said...

I had to logic it out . . . and in fairness, I thought of California first -- but, California isn't originally of Spanish origin . . . so I went to other Spanish sounding states. Not a clean victory.

maxutils said...

New Mexico, definitely.

Mrs. C said...

I think Oklahoma. :)

pseudotsuga said...

I happened to have lived in Libby, Montana back in the mid 70s, so I knew what the Montana state flag had on it.

As for today's trivia question--
Native American elements are on New Mexico's flag and...and...darn memory fails me--some other state in the Great Plains, but I can't remember which without cheating.

Polski3 said...