Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So We Screwed Up Our State Standards, Why, Again?

California adopted "national" standards, which in math are not as good as the standards we've had since 1999, in hopes of getting a little Race To The Top bone thrown to the state. How'd that work out?

State education officials are reacting this morning to news that California wasn't a winner in round two of the Race to the Top competition for federal education funding.

We now have worse math standards and no additional money. Good job, gang.


Greg said...

Yep, we basically did the same thing in New Jersey, too.

Mrs. C said...

Shame on my state of Missouri, too! Is there a way to undo this??

KauaiMark said...

Can't they simply go BACK to previous standards as long as they are tougher than the Fed's?

Darren said...

I doubt it, and even if they could, there's no political will to change again. A lot of chits were cashed to get even this bad change approved.