Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hot Yoga

Oh. My. God.

I don't know why I do stupid things, but instead of the 60 minute intro class (not so hot, not so long), I signed up for the full-on 90 minute class for my very first one.

Who would have thought that yoga could take so much out of you? I mean, come on, scrawny people do yoga! Even so, my muscles are tired like I just finished a gym workout.

I think I'll go back tomorrow, but only for the 60 minute intro class at 11am--if I can get out of bed in time to make it.


Mr. W said...

if you ever get a chance try P90 X's yoga. It's also 90 minutes of hell. I hate yoga. Seriously, you don't move and you are hurting, sweating, and are sore the next day. WTF?

socalmike said...

I love yoga. I was having sciatica problems, and my doctor talked about stretching. Well, I tried the yoga class at the gym just for stretching, and fell in love with it. I did it for about 2 years, and my sciatica is now a memory. Later my doctor told me that strengthening the core helps keep the spine in place, thus alleviating the sciatica. Well, the yoga sure strengthened MY core. Wow. Even helped my golf game. Keep it up, Darren. You'll be glad you did.

Anonymous said...

It is one of the best workouts there is. I have been practicing hot yoga for 7 years and still can't get into some of the poses but that is not the point. Everyone is there doing "their" yoga and will get out of it what they can put into it. Besides sweating your insides out and cleansing the toxins from your organs hot yoga offers one of the few chances to calm your mind and body at the same time. Just try to find another activity like that.