Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Teenage Girl Whose Cell Phone Is Yanked

From the New York Daily News:

A vengeful granddaughter ratted her out.

Investigators busted a Queens school secretary for spending more than $6,200 meant for city students on extravagances like seven ceiling fans, flowers, car service trips and a washer and dryer, a report released Tuesday shows.

Debbie Rizzo's own flesh-and-blood tipped off school officials after granny stopped paying the then-14-year-old girl's cell phone bill, investigators found.

Are there any good lessons to be drawn from this vignette?

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scott mccall said...

that's like the story of a guy who was getting married to his fiancee who had two daughters. he wouldn't buy them an iphone, so they told their mom (his fiancee) that he's been cheating on her. wedding was called off.