Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

At my school, we don't do anything that hasn't been done there before. It's ossified.

Could this perhaps be changing? Because today we did something entirely new. I thought it was going to be a cluster-gaggle, but for the most part it worked fairly well.

I'm so tired, though. I stayed up late last night, whether out of first-day jitters or not being used to going to bed so early or whatever. I was fine all day, but I'm crashing and burning now. I even called and bowed out of our Monday night trivia competition downtown.

I'll get plenty of sleep and be up and at 'em tomorrow. 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer each morning is really a good thing!


Ellen K said...

After a full week of in-service, I ended up back in my classroom for half a day over the weekend, just to get ready. Granted, my definition of "getting ready" includes lesson plans, preps and materials for the first full week. But I can't help but thinking how I could do without some of those repetitive and often redundant in-service lectures and have two full days to work in my room. I'm tired. Five preps from Level I through AP. Each class is different and I am hoping I hit my stride sometime this week because I don't remember being this tired last year.

socalmike said...

OT - I don't have your email, Darren, but I wanted to alert you to George Will's latest column in Newsweek:

Education related - you'll find it interesting.

Get some rest.

Ellen K said...

Well it's the third day and I thought you might find this story interesting.

Ellen K said...

I was talking to a math teacher today in the workroom. How would you like to prepare for Algebra II classes all week only to find out the first day of school that you were teaching Geometry? That is what happened to some teachers in our school thanks to the unwillingness of admin to hire more teachers. In addition, some chemistry teachers were suddenly teaching physics. I would be fit to be tied if this happened to me. As it is, I have 34 students in a painting class. Ask your campus art teacher how that sounds. Especially with a 20% cut in budget.