Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Wheels Of Justice Turn Slowly

Can't say I'm disappointed with this tidbit of news:
Former University of Colorado Professor Ward Churchill's request for reinstatement has been denied in Denver District Court. Front pay has also been deemed inappropriate in the case...

In April, a Denver jury agreed with Churchill's premise that he was illegally fired, but it stopped far short of awarding Churchill a high dollar figure. Instead it awarded Churchill $1...

"This is a huge win for the University of Colorado because the jury found against the university and the judge throwing the verdict out now can only be considered a major judicial upset," 9NEWS Legal Analyst Scott Robinson said.
Another story presents the events a bit more clearly:
In a resounding defeat for ousted University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill, a judge ruled Tuesday not only against his request for reinstatement at CU but that he deserves no financial compensation for having been fired from the school nearly two years ago.

The ruling from Chief Denver District Judge Larry Naves was in seemingly stunning contrast to a jury’s verdict from the civil trial Churchill brought against the school earlier this year.

The man is a wart on the ass of humanity.


Ellen K said...

That made my day when I read it online. Maybe he will have to work for a living. Except he would probably offend people at McDonald's what with his self-righteous crusades and general looniness.

hobbitt said...

The press gave Churchill such a pass. He was not a full professor, he did not have a PhD. His tenure was not with the appropriate probation. Those type of people get fired or sent on to other places all the time in academia.