Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What The Heck Is Going On At The Air Force Academy?

According to an al-AP report:

The number of cadets with confirmed cases of the swine flu at the Air Force Academy has increased to 67.

The Gazette newspaper in Colorado Springs reported Monday that 121 freshmen with flu-like symptoms have been separated from the rest of the cadets. They were placed in a dormitory on the base near Colorado Springs late last week when they started showing symptoms.

The "doolies," members of the incoming freshman class, are among about 1,300 cadets who arrived recently for their first weeks of military training.
And Ron from the Harry Potter movies is reportly recovering from swine flu. From where are all these people getting this sickness?


Ellen K said...

A bunch of kids from Plano TX that were in Colorado on a church trip were sent home with swine flu. The assumption was that it was contracted in Texas and brought there, but maybe that's not the case. I think the outbreak was much worse than the media was allowed to know and the information was deliberately quashed by the administration for fear that more bad news would be just too much. I will tell you that my son had a flulike illness three weeks ago, was fine, and has now relapsed into walking pneumonia. The pharmacist told me she had never in her 20 year seen so much upper respiratory, flulike illness in what is usually a doldrums period for flu. She also told me to be sure to get a flu shot because this was an indication of a particularly bad outbreak in the fall. In that regard this once again mirrors the serious and deadly flu outbreaks in the early 20th century. FYI

Neko said...

Poor Ron. I understand that he not only has Swine Flu, he's also got a case of Hog Warts.