Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Trivia

The answer to yesterday's question is:
Paradise Theater.

And with that we start a new Theme Week! This week's theme is: Disasters!

Today's question is:
In what years did the Titanic sink and the Hindenburg crash? (Hint: they were separated by 25 years.)


Fritz J. said...

1912 and 1937? I never memorized the date of the Hindenburg disaster, so I can't use that as a means to fact check the 1912 date for the Titanic. Therefore, if I'm wrong on the Titanic I'm also wrong on the Hindenburg and I haven't got a very high confidence level on the Titanic. I hated memorizing dates in history class and promptly forgot as many of them as possible after the tests were over. With that in mind, I'm giving myself about a 25% chance of being right.

Anonymous said...

1914, 1939

MAJ K said...

Titanic - 1912
Hindenburg - 1937

Henry said...

1912 and 1937

Luke said...

Titanic = 1912
Hidenburg = 1936

larry said...

Has no one answered this yet?? 1912 and 1937. Do I win a prize?

PeggyU said...

Was it April 10, 1912? I never quite remember. I know it was in April :).

If it was 1912, that would make the Hindenburg crash 1937.

PeggyU said...

Ah ... the 10th was when it launched, and it sank on the 15th.