Monday, July 13, 2009

Shut Up And Sing

John Mellencamp has sung some beautiful songs over the past few decades, but that doesn't mean he has any more intelligence on other topics than the average man on the street. Clearly he knows nothing about the 1st Amendment, which prevents the government from silencing him and thereby protecting him from the scorn of people who actually have a clue.

Just to be clear, John: if you only have the freedom to voice popular views, you don't really have a freedom of speech at all.

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Ellen K said...

I have so little patience with celebrities who feel that their rights have some how been trampled. But there are those who manage to separate their professional lives from their political lives. We saw Chicago and Earth Wind and Fire on Saturday. Most of them are extremely liberal people who evolved from the turbulence of the 1960's, but their only "radical" action was to request that people donate to the local food pantry in return for three free downloads. I think that is more meaningful activism than some pampered star spewing whatever tripe they have read on Daily Kos. John Fogerty is also fairly to the left, but his concert was a joy. I think if any of the spoiled celebrities, the Ben Afflecks and Matt Damon's of the world, had to live in the real world, they would have a better grasp of the problem-that being that the elite in our society seem to hold political sway over the mass of our population.