Monday, July 13, 2009

Racism In America

This article uses the Philadelphia swim club story to posit that average people, decency, and the market can take care of racist acts in this country:

Racism is so unwelcome in America these days, government is no longer the most effective mechanism to thwart it. The common sense of good-hearted citizens is enough to shame culprits to relent. Modern institutions have filled the void where organizations like the NAACP have become more and more irrelevant - and hopelessly partisan - in confronting bigotry. ..

While racism does exist, it is no longer the natural order, nor is it representative of the majority. Otherwise, this story would not have played out the way it did.

Hear hear.

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Ellen K said...

It's funny how racism is always assigned to the south when for years Boston and Chicago public schools were far more segregated than many southern schools. It still doesn't make it right to discriminate. But too many liberals like to create excuses for their actions. In one case, we have good friends and the wife is a rabid liberal. But rather than allow her child to attend a public school where her child would be a racial minority, she moved to the suburbs. I can't fault her on her child's safety, but to then turn around and accuse us for being racist since our kids went to predominantly anglo schools, seems a