Monday, July 06, 2009

Pictures From Nassau, The Bahamas

You read about the trip. Do you want to see some pictures?

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I, your intrepid blogger, stand near the entrance of Fort Fincastle, on the highest point in Nassau.

Looking over Nassau from Deck 9 (the pool deck) of the Bahamas Celebration.

Atlantis Resort, seen from the bridge over to Paradise Island.

Our ship, the Bahamas Celebration, is closest, with Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the Seas behind.


maxutils said...

I believe that you are almost exactly on the one third line in that picture, Darren.

Eric W. said...

Now will you quit your whining?

Darren said...

That hurts, Eric.

In fact, I'm offended.

In fact, I'm mortified!

I will *not* accept an apology from you. You must send me money.

For the Iceland bucket :-)

How's that for a good union mentality? You owe me something, and when I get it, I want *more*.

Eric W. said...

I probably contributed a good $1.50 to that over the years! Don't you take that tone with me.

Darren said...

I think I could grow to like this new entitlement mentality of mine :-)

Eric, email me. You're bright enough to figure it out from the info in my profile.