Thursday, July 09, 2009

Obama Supporter Doesn't Like Black Kids?

The owner of that Philadelphia "swim club" (whatever that is) that turned away a bunch of kids apparently for the crime of being black--he was an Obama supporter? Looks like it.

For those wondering how an Obama supporter could have problems with minority kids in his pool club, the answer’s actually depressingly simple. The skin color of a President several states away may be safely abstract. The skin color of the child currently splashing in the shallow end of your pool is rather, ah, concrete. Sad, but true.

Not that I’m alleging that this is the case, here. But that kind of break between the abstract and the concrete has been known to occur.

I've said it too many times to count--consistency isn't a strong suit of the left. But hypocrisy is.


Ellen K said...

Darren-swimg clubs are just that, places where families pay for the privilege of swimming. In many cities, there isn't enough room for golf and tennis facilities, but there is space for a pool. In some areas it is outside and has a park like area around it. I first encountered this as a kid in Metarie, where we belonged to a swim club. I thought it was magical that I could just walk up to the concession window and order Cokes on a tab....but I digress. This is just another example of how the elites intend to use the poorest in the community as standards to raise when they are campaign, and groups to ignore when they are not.

MiaZagora said...

I think it's awful that those little kids were turned away! I wonder how their parents will explain to them what happened?

I have relatives that are staunch liberals who will vote for a black man, but moved out of their neighborhood as soon as "they" started moving in. Typical.

Look at this video: