Saturday, July 18, 2009

NEA: Against Black Kids and Military Kids

Actually, it's against all kids, except when it can exploit them for its own purposes, but try this on for size:

The Senate Armed Services Committee is considering a proposal to provide military families with tuition vouchers. The idea enjoys support in the military, but the National Education Association (NEA) has mounted an attack in a letter to the Committee as part of its ongoing battle against educational choice.

Both the NEA and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) have militantly opposed the continuation of the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program which provides tuition vouchers to approximately 1,700 students in the DC area. Parents clearly recognize the advantage of vouchers since the number of applicants last year far exceeded the number of available spots. And military families, who make great sacrifices for their country and are frequently on the move, could also benefit from such a choice program.

Military families move around every couple of years, and posts are not always located in what we might call the "garden spots" of the country. I don't think I need to explain the rationale behind giving vouchers to the children of military members.

Whether or not you agree with the military voucher program, not continuing the DC voucher program is a disgrace. The NEA and their lackeys in Congress should be ashamed of themselves.


Ellen K said...

I think we owe our military families something for their service. God knows we don't pay them enough. And now we have and administration that laughs behind their hands and undercuts their actions at every turn, EXCEPT when it is politically expedient.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ellen K. Our nation should support the military, and providing vouchers for their children is small request for what they do/did for us daily.