Monday, July 13, 2009

Las Vegas Pictures

There's nothing static about the Las Vegas Strip. There's always some hotel being torn down and another going up. For example, the Stardust, Westward Ho, and Frontier are making way for some new towers by Boyd, and there's some glass monstrosity going up between Monte Carlo and Bellagio. What was it that Rush said in their song Tom Sawyer? "He knows changes aren't permanent, but change is."

So here are some pictures I took. Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them so they're reasonably viewable.

I took the above picture of the Strip from the Stratosphere Tower 2 years ago. Compare it to this one, which I took 2 days ago:

No visit to Las Vegas is complete without seeing a fountain show at Bellagio:

I can appreciate a double entendre/innuendo as much as the next guy:

These hang in the shopping area between Venetian and Palazzo:

Ah, your intrepid blogger stands 866' above the Strip:

It seems that the front (and back) of the Luxor pyramid are now used for advertising:

I'll be posting other pictures--from the Bellagio Conservatory, no less--in a separate post, about math!


Ellen K said...

My husband goes to a big communications convention in Vegas every year. He expected this year to be somber with fewer attendees, but it was business as usual. In fact, I have driven by my local mall a couple of times and it seems unusually crowded. I guess some people have money. I don't know where they are getting it though.

mazenko said...

I was in Vegas at the same time (visiting family), but you will never catch me up on that observation deck of the Stratosphere.

Darren said...

Had we both known beforehand, we could have met for an iced tea at the Forum Shops at Caesar's!

Ellen K said...

The statues in the Ceasar's Mall are creepy.

Darren said...

You think so? I love them!

maxutils said...

I don't think you could have, Darren -- the government doesn't provide iced tea yet. ;)