Tuesday, July 07, 2009

If A Male Teacher Had Done This, The Reaction Would Be Much Different

Double standards--twice the fun!

Elk Grove Unified officials have rescinded a request for parents to return DVDs that included "inappropriate images" they say were inadvertently sent home with students at Isabelle Jackson Elementary.

Now, the district doesn't want the DVDs back.

"Just destroy them," said district spokeswoman Torrey Johnson.

A teacher apparently sent the DVD retrospective of class activity home with her 24 students on the last day of school Friday.

Although the district would not say what sort of images the DVD contained, a copy obtained by The Bee from a parent showed six seconds of sexual content.

I've given CDs to my graduating seniors each year for the last few years. You can bet there's no pornography on them.

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Ellen K said...

I would wonder about the mental capacity of the teacher when she didn't check to see what she was burning to the CD's prior to doing so. And by the way, when did it become normal for people to video themselves in such ways? Considering the transient nature of even marriage in this day and age, who thinks it's a good idea to give someone that kind of ammunition after a bad breakup?