Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Another "T-Shirt At School" Post

Some people never learn, and that's why they become principals:

Anna Amador has gone to court on behalf of her daughter, who she says was ordered by her principal to change her shirt on "National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day." The shirt the girl was wearing displays two graphic pictures of a fetus growing in the womb.

What does the author mean by "graphic"? That term often carries a negative connotation, and the pictures of this fetus (seen at the link) look like the ones I marveled at in Life magazine back in the late 60s. Anyway, in case the link changes and the picture goes away, the shirt shows the word "abortion" above two pictures of a fetus followed by an empty picture, and then the words, "growing, growing, gone."

Offensive? Inappropriate?

First Amendment attorney William Becker, who represents Amador, disagreed that the shirt could be seen as containing inappropriate messages.

"The message of the T-shirt is that life is sacred," he said. "One would be very hard pressed to find anything wrong with that particular idea, except that some people do object to the political message.”
Hammer. Nail. Whack.


bun2bon said...

Outside of political, religious, philosophical reasons, I believe that clothing inappropriate for the workplace is also inappropriate for school.

Perhaps school uniforms are in order?

Darren said...

The school has a dress code, and I don't see how this shirt violates it.

At my school we have a teacher who wears a shirt that has some Native Americans on it and a slogan something like "fighting terrorists since 1492". I find it exceedingly offensive and anti-American, even unprofessional, but since we don't *have* a policy it's no wonder no one in charge has told him not to wear it.

Anonymous said...

If I were a student in the government (formerly known as "public") schools today, I would go to school with a picture of Jesus Christ on my t-shirt. When they would tell me to go home and change my shirt, I would come back the next day with a picture of Adolph Hitler on my shirt and ask them "Do you like this guy better?"


maxutils said...

1) One man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter. That shirt RULES over his Che Guevara shirt.

2) Yet another reason why dress codes are idiotic. Dress is fine until the point at which you become upset. Let's let the marketplace decide: if enough people find that your dress is offensive, you don't get/ get to keep your job. My guess is that the person in question would keep his.