Thursday, January 01, 2009

Proposed Summer Trip

With the exception of this past summer, where my son and I went to different places, I take my son on a week-long trip each summer. This summer I thought I'd extend that week a bit and really take a good old fashioned driving vacation.

And as I started plotting what seemed like a cool itinerary, something interesting stood out. See if you can find it.

We'd start here in Sacramento and head east on Interstate 80. As I recall it's about 10 hrs to Salt Lake City. From Salt Lake we'd head north to Yellowstone, and then continue north to Calgary (stopping to take a picture at a sign in Vulcan, Alberta). In Calgary we'd pick up the Trans Canada Highway west to Vancouver, and from there, home.

What's very interesting about this trip? I'll give you a hint: we'll pass through 4 locations all of interest for the same reason.

Got it yet? If not, here are some clues: 1960, 1988, 2002, and 2010.

If you haven't figured it out yet, here's the answer:

We'll get to visit 4 Olympic Winter Games locations: Squaw Valley (1960), Salt Lake City (2002), Calgary, AB (1988), and Vancouver, BC (2010).

Of course this itinerary is still very malleable, but it sounds to me like a very interesting initial plan.


pseudotsuga said...

If you can manage it, take a visit to Victoria, BC. Take the ferry over there. It'd be a good overnight, and then take a second ferry back to the USA. If you want, you can come down US highway 101 on the west side of the Olympic mountains.

Darren said...

Victoria is one of my 3 favorite non-US cities, right up there with Heidelberg and London.

Anonymous said...

Never been there, but taking a week(or so ) to spend with your youngster is s great idea!