Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama=Bush's Third Term?

Jon Stewart is pretty much a leftie, but his humor is usually pretty good. He's usually entertaining no matter who he's joking about (unlike, say, Bill Maher, who is just mean-spirited and angry).

Here's video comparing President Obama's inaugural address to speeches President Bush has made. Oh yes, you should watch it.

I'm all about the hopenchange!


gbradley said...

That was a good Stewart piece.
That was pretty fast for you to get that on your Blog.
He was kinda bagging on Obama.
I wonder how much that bothers his base audience?

Ellen K said...

Too funny. I heard a local conservative radio host say that Obama was batting .750 today. His only strikeout was Gitmo. Pretty strange activity for a Soros operative.

Anonymous said...

Longtime fans of The Daily Show enjoyed that piece and understand where it fits into the tapestry of Stewart's reliably pitch-perfect political criticism.

He was being appropriately critical of an Obama who--like Clinton before him--appeases The Right far too much. The piece was Stewart pushing back against such nonsense.

allen (in Michigan) said...

Appropriately critical? Har! Is it tough typing with and extended pinkie finger?

"Appeasing" is what Obama's been doing for a while.

There's that whole Iraq war "thing" that he's punted on having gotten the full measure of use out of the warriors whose main weapon is compressed-lipped disapproval. Having wrung the anti-war left dry, and discarded them, now it's time for the soak-the-rich left to take a bagging since the Bush tax cuts aren't going to suffer the unkindest cut of all at the behest of the Obaminator.

But you don't have to worry. Pretty soon Obama'll run out of policies that that aren't most easily served by throwing his supporters under that well-used bus smug in the knowledge that, since you don't have anyone else to turn too you'll either ignore Obama's treachery or come up with artful rationalizations to explain why it's a good thing.