Thursday, January 08, 2009

Is This Really Necessary?

It's bad enough that our state Superduperintendent of Public Instruction has said that blacks and Hispanics don't do well in school because our teachers don't understand them. Now add this:

The California State Board of Education voted Wednesday to create an African American Advisory Committee to better understand issues concerning the achievement gap between African American students and their counterparts.

What part of culture do these politicians not understand? An outreach program to help people understand how to support their children's education is one thing, spending money on silly advisory committees that ignore the actual problem is quite another.


rightwingprof said...

Another committee! Of course!

nebraska girl said...

We need a committee to discuss and investigate the issues that you've brought up. :)

neko said...

Maybe Nebraska Girl and I can send you former Senator Ernie Chambers. I'm sure that he will have no problem giving his two cents on race relations. He may even sue a major diety or two for you, as well.

Ellen K said...

I just finished our district's diversity training. The gist of it is that if they kids don't learn, it's the teachers' faults for not teaching them according to their culture. Excuse me, I thought we were all Americans here. Yet we are supposed to manipulate every subject in every class for every child. I am hoping at some time somebody has the time left to teach these kids to read, write and do math. But that's not what's important right now. And I am afraid it's going to get worse.