Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If You Can't Dazzle Them With Brilliance...

...then baffle them with BS. Isn't that what the old saying says? I see it sometimes--students have no idea how to answer a test question so they just express themselves artistically. Here's a web site devoted to such expression.


Neko said...

My favorite is the answer given by a friend of mine. On a test, he was given a question worth ten points:

Give the definition of a free radical.

He couldn't remember the right answer, but he suddenly thought of a different answer:

"A domestic terrorist out on parole."

His professor liked the answer so much he gave him five points.

gasi said...

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Ellen K said...

Darren: OMG. Such a funny site. My favorite story was from my daughter's AP Literature class in high school. On one question they were asked to illustrate the similarities between two authors' works. One girl drew all over her paper assuming that she was meant to truly ILLUSTRATE the answer. This is why my daughter thinks that AP classes should require an entrance exam.

PeggyU said...

My favorite was one of the older offerings on that site. It must have been a quiz for an anatomy class in which the student had to identify different endocrine structures. I hope the teacher framed it. Makes me start to laugh again just thinking about it!

The elaborate one from the film class is also very good! I am sending this to a boy who I know is stressing out over an impending math final. I think he needs a little levity.