Saturday, January 10, 2009

CTA To Push For State Sales Tax Increase, Misinformed Commenter Challenges Me

The major Sacramento newspaper has published a story about CTA's proposal to raise the state sales tax by 1 percentage point (about a 14% sales tax increase). One thing I applaud this newspaper for is allowing comments at the end of their news articles, and I've mentioned such on this blog many times.

So go read the story if you like, but more important, read the comments afterward. Click to display comments "oldest first", then scroll down to the "debate" between one darren65 (guess who!) and "tiredofsocialists". Especially enjoyable was his questioning of my credentials when I challenged a clearly incorrect statement he made.


Mrs. C said...

Hey, read the story and "recommended" some of your comments. Could you explain why you wouldn't want to earn this mythical $85,000 per year salary that's discussed on the board at these "elementary" districts? You like teaching older children? Just chatting with you and asking for clarification. :]

Darren said...

1. I'd have to move to the SF Bay Area, one of the most expensive areas of the country.
2. My son's mother wouldn't move there, so I'd have to go without him.
3. I *really* enjoy teaching Algebra 2 and trigonometry, which are not elementary school topics--usually, anyway!

Mrs. C said...

Ok, thanks for the clarification and bless ya! :]

Mr. W said...

been gone from this blog for awhile now...thanks to my super school district which has blocked blogger from the school. Ironic part is that to clear your credential you need to set up a blogger/blog for BTSA. AHHH the irony. Add to the fact I read the sacbee website at work and they block the ability to read/post comments. super

anyway, that was a great read and it seemed to shut him up. Good work.

Chanman said...

I notice that after you schooled this ignoramus, he did not come back for more.

Steve USMA '85 said...

I was disappointed that he had no comeback. Your discourse with him was interesting.