Friday, January 23, 2009

Being A Good Teacher

Some thoughts on the subject here.

I take exception to #1. Interpersonal skills are, as we say in the math field, "necessary, but not sufficient". A good teacher must have interpersonal skills and professional skills--and subject matter competence, too.


Ellen K said...

We've had some teachers with what some would consider "great interpersonal skills" who were far less than professional. They got booted out for having sex with students. So I think a tad of professionalism would be a good thing.

Mr. McGuire said...


Your point is well-taken. Many things could be added to the list, including competence with subject matter.


Did you take the time to check out the link? Funny that you would comment on professionalism. Did you read this?

1. Interpersonal skills trump professional skills.

Students like the teacher, like the class, and like school. This happens because they know the teacher values them and what matters to them. They can tell this because they are treated with kindness and respect.

Having sex with students would not be considered treating them with kindness and respect. Our job as teachers is to teach students, and to protect, not exploit them. Without the ability to communicate with them, that will not happen.

Ellen K said...

But professionalism would also come under that heading. In fact professionalism pretty much is the umbrella cause of this. What is disappointing is that the meaning of being a professional has to be spelled out because in this day and age people don't get that showing up in flipflops with see through shirts and tattoos isn't necessarily a good thing.