Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another anti-ROTC Organization

This organization certainly doesn't like JROTC in San Diego schools. In fact, on their web site they have a downloadable file with "talking points" that concerned citizens can use when writing to the school board. Here are their talking points:

Option 1

How can schools have a zero tolerance policy but allow weapons training on high school campuses? This makes no sense to me! What a mixed message that sends to students.

I hope that you will take a stand and eliminate shooting ranges in San Diego Unified School District.

Option 2

Schools are not the place for young people to learn to shoot guns. Why would we encourage students to do this when we have a zero tolerance policy? You can stop this craziness! Please do the right thing.

Option 3

With so much violence in our communities, WHY would we teach our students to shoot guns? It makes no sense than most San Diego high schools have shooting ranges. Please put an end to weapons training immediately.

Option 4

In San Diego, everyone I talk to is shocked to learn that most of the high schools have shooting ranges. People really can’t believe it! Times have changed and zero tolerance means ZERO tolerance.

Option 5

I support the Education Not Arms Coalition. It is absolutely wrong to have shooting ranges on our high school campuses. Please take a stand and eliminate weapons training on our campuses.

Option 6

It is a ridiculous argument to say that weapon training is just another sport. Teaching students to shoot guns in high schools is outrageous. It is a complete contradiction of the Zero Tolerance policy. Weapons training must be abolished.

Option 7

Chicago City Schools, has the nation’s largest JROTC program, with over 40 units and several military academies, yet the Chicago district ended its rifle training program in 1999, after the Columbine school shootings. If they can show such common sense, San Diego can do the same.

Looks like only one talking point to me, rephrased 7 different ways. It's interesting to me that, if I read their site correctly, they're not really talking about firearms, but air rifles. Plastic b-b's.

So, are these people anti-military, anti-firearm, or just anti? I think our answer comes further down the page at their site:

We are a coalition of parents, students, teachers and community activists....

Nothing more need be said. Clearly, I hold them in contempt.


allen (in Michigan) said...

From the lack of sophistication of the site I'd say that George Soros hasn't gone back into the Astroturf business after his last outing, with the Million Mom's March, went down in flames.

Ellen K said...

I think the whole rifle thing is what sets libs off about Boy Scouting as well.

Darren said...

Combine that with belief in God and not allowing gay scout leaders.

MyShepherd said...

My husband Mike is a JROTC instructor -- he says this isn't a new issue and that somehow it ties back to the "don't ask, don't tell" policy -- though I don't see the connection in the linked articles. . .

I'm not sure whether or not official talking points exist from JROTC but I do know the mission of JROTC does not involve recruiting for the military. The focus is primarily on citizenship.

I am currently working my way through the JROTC instructor certification process so perhaps I'll be better informed and can provide more input in
the future.