Wednesday, January 21, 2009

About As Classless As You Can Get

It used to be almost unheard of for a former president to criticize a sitting president. Until yesterday I'd have sworn it was unheard of for a sitting president to take pot-shots at his predecessor during an inaugural address, especially since that predecessor was sitting only a few feet away! And today the official White House web site takes direct shots at President Bush--here's a screen shot in case someone there experiences pangs of decency and decides to change the site:

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Disgusting. So much for all the "come together" and "hopenchange" rhetoric.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it takes an enemy to unite a group. What you fail to understand is that Bush really screwed our country over. (Don't believe me? Look at our current shape. Oh, was that not his fault as head executive? My bad.)

As far as not being able to criticize your commander, well that's just stupid. Criticism is key to getting better at anything.


Anonymous said...

Tactless, yes, but not completely false?

Darren said...

If you can identify exactly what President Bush did to cause the mortgage bubble, or the banks to make bad loans, I'm all ears.

If he's "responsible" for it just because he was President at the time, I guess Roosevelt's responsible for Pearl Harbor and Kennedy is responsible for his own shooting.

Our government has 3 co-equal branches, and I notice things started going downhill when one of those branches changed hands a couple years ago. See? We can all play this game.

And yes, entirely false. And classless.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to be nice to all my Obama friends and tell them I hope he does well.
Unfortunately, he is still running against Pres. Bush, crying about 2000 and hiring as fast as possible everyone (it seems) from the Clinton years.
I guess we can call this the Clinton White House II.
I give it a year and you will start hearing of all the resignations as he starts to clean house-after they have all run him into the ground.
Just watch.
This is just the start.
Go look up the treatment of the Bush family as they entered the White House-do you remember?

Rose said...

I think his best plan to prevent another Katrina-type disaster is to just raise his hands and command the winds and water to CHANGE course. Surprised that plan didn't make it to the website.

MikeAT said...

Ladies and Gentlemen

A few minor points of Katrina, etc.

Bush did one major screw up with Katrina. He let ABC/CBS/NBC/MSNBC/PBS/CNN/NYT/WP propagandize that FEMA should be there at moment one to handle initial reaction to a natural disaster. Now it’s accepted as such, although FEMA’s mission is long term recovery. Initial handling of disasters is the duty of local agencies (i.e. mayor and city government) and the state (i.e. the governor, National Guard and state militia).

I wonder if this fact is not mentioned much has anything to do with the fact then Governor Blanco was a Democrat and an idiot. Or that HIZONORDAMAER Ray “School Bus” Nagin is a Dem and an idiot? Notice that no one is complaining about how the Mississippi State Gulf Coast is recovering? Could it be that fact MS Governor Barbour is a Republican and more to the point, competent and has been leading his state in recovery efforts since Katrina?

Or can we mention that there wasn’t much brought up that GOV Bobby Jindal (Republican and rising star in the party) in 2008 handled Hurricane Gustaf very well, had the National Guard and other state resources ready and wasn’t sleeping while his state was about to get its ass kicked (We understand GOV Blanco, it’s a tough job).

I can think of many disappointments in George Bush’s administration (e.g. not finding his VETO pin until 2007, the abortion of the prescription drug program, not keeping his party in line with spending, not grooming a heir apparent so we were stuck with a weak candidate in SEN McCain) but he’s not to blame for the failure of LA and New Orleans officials to handle Hurricane Katrina.

And for my background, although currently a resident of Houston, I was born in Houma LA, call Thibodaux and New Orleans my home towns, graduated college in New Orleans and have most of my family still in south LA. I’ve seen competent men and women handle hurricanes before; it’s a fact of life on the Gulf Coast. Blanco and Nagin showed complete incompetence in the fall of 05 and afterwards. I’d take the crook Edwin Edwards over Blanco. At least he didn’t take a nap while the state was getting its ass kicked.