Sunday, August 10, 2008

Union Protest At Politician's House and Neighborhood

At what point does it become acceptable (not legal, but reasonable and justifiable) to protest someone's professional activities by driving a truck-mounted billboard through their neighborhood?

I ask because that's what a local community college district union did.

And before you lefties say "always!", I remind you that there are a lot more Democrats to protest in this state than there are Republicans. Do we really want to make professional differences into personal vendettas? My previous post, in which I commented on Leonard Pitts' column, addresses this issue somewhat.

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Law and Order Teacher said...

He seemed to be a lot more gracious than most people would be. The larger question is what has happened to our profession. It is becoming populated with a large amount of petulant children. I wonder how similar actions by their students in their schools would be handled by these teachers.