Saturday, August 09, 2008

Time To Go Home...

...and start blogging about education again!

But before I do, allow me to indulge, in the 50 minutes I have left, in one last post from Cancun.

Based on my posts from the last week it should be clear that I had an exceptional time here. In fact, I'd consider coming back again. But I wonder if this is the right place for me. Cancun is designed around sunning yourself all day, either at the pool or on the beach, and partying at night. I'm not overly enamored with either of those activities. I probably spent a grand total of under two hours in the last week soaking up the rays; I spent my days touring, shopping, and exploring, and as for my nights--well, I don't need to party all the time party all the time party all the time =) If I come back maybe I'd bring a book instead of a bunch of magazines and try to devote more time to worshiping the sun god Helios. I do want to go parasailing as well, something I did not fit into my schedule during this visit. I'm thinking that if I were to spend a week here again, I'd spend a few days on Isla Mujeres and a few days at an all-inclusive resort in the Zona Hotelera.

One last goodie from the timeshare "gift that keeps on giving" is my airport transportation, that will be here in less than 30 minutes. Then I'm off to Mexico City, then to Guadalajara, and finally Oakland. I hope to be home by midnight.

I've paid attention to most of my usual blogs, noted a little bit of the news, and I have some stories I plan to blog about. Stay tuned!!!

Update, 8/10/08: I walked into the house just a few minutes before midnight--and went straight to bed.


MiddleSchoolSecretary said...

Sounds like a great trip. I enjoyed reading about it. I love Mexico, warts, beggars and all. :)

Back to the classroom...

Law and Order Teacher said...

It sounded like you had a good time. As school approaches we need to stack memories of trips that will carry us through the school year. I loved my trip to Sacramento. You live in a very interesting area. Schools right around the corner. I'm ready to go back, how about you?

Darren said...

I may not be ready to go back, but I am willing and able!