Saturday, August 02, 2008

Saturday's Pics of the Day

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After a redeye from Oakland, this was my first stop. From there it was on to Mexico City, the airport there being more like a huge mall than an airport (except for all those planes). It was entertaining hearing boarding calls for flights to Havana, something I don't think I'd ever head before!

After landing in Cancun I had to get a shot of this airliner =)

And after a long day's travel, this is the view from my hotel room balcony. And this is only the Holiday Inn Express; imagine if I'd stayed at one of those mega-resorts!

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Melissa B. said...

Wow--so now, I'm OFFICIALLY jealous! BTW, don't forget today's Silly Summer Sunday Sweepstakes! Got a super snap for you to help us Share the Caption Love!