Saturday, August 16, 2008

Patriotism Is Good Enough For Kobe Bryant

I don't follow basketball at all, but everything I've heard about Kobe Bryant tells me that he's not your stereotypical elitist rich guy or a thug, that he's one of the good guys in the sport. This post, and its included link to this video, in which Bryant explains to commentator Chris Collinsworth why patriotism is cool, seems to back up what I've heard.

I don't see the negativity in Collinsworth's question that is put forth in the first link above, but Bryant's words stand on their own.

I've discussed patriotism in several posts, most notably here and here.


DADvocate said...

Kobe's comments were more than refreshing.

I don't believe Collinsworth's comments were that bad either. Living in the Cincinnati area for the past 18 years where Collinsworth not only played football but was a radio personality and still lives, I believe Collilnsworth is at least fairly conservative. Collinsworth has a reputation as a great guy, too.

I believe he was asking questions to which he knew what Kobe's replies would be. Thus, giving Kobe the opportunity to express his patriotism which is probably along the same lines of Collinsworth. Collinsworth isn't a dummy. He has a law degree.

Papa Frank said...

This was such a great interview! My wife and I saw this when it was happening and we both shout out "HELL YEAH!!!" when Kobe gave his answer. It was very refreshing!!!