Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nancy Pelosi Wants To Save The Planet?

Nancy Pelosi says that she is trying to save the planet and prevent global warming, but the reality is that, according to disclosure statements, in May 2007 she invested in T. Boone Picken’s clean energy fuels corp., CLNE, which is the sole sponsor of a proposal in California to funnel $5 billion in state funds and $5 billion in Federal funds to this corporation which will indirectly help them create a giant wind farm in the Texas panhandle.

Conflict of interest, anyone?


Ellen K said...

A few facts that people outside of Texas may not know. Pickens plan is to create windfarms in the Texas panhandle. The wind doesn't blow all the time. In fact, peak wind times are dawn and dusk, whereas peak consumption is in midafternoon. There's no way to store this, and the current power grid isn't set up to handle it. I have heard rumors that Pickens owns a great deal of land that would be throughway for power grid lines back to the main grid. I have also heard he's stocked up on companies that supply key power component for just such a venture. Pickens didn't get rich by spending money for no reason. He's counting on a Democrat in all three branches to give him grants and a free pass to build. What you may not know is that this is a MAJOR migratory flyway for numerous species of birds. So what happens when that issue is confronted by PETA? Or will they pretend it's not happening because it's proposed by liberals? There is more to this situation than meets the eye and it smells like a back room deal to me.

Coach Bradley said...

I wonder why T. Boone is building his wind farm in the Panhandle?
I bet that it has something to do with the fact that the panhandle is on the Eastern Interconnection and not on the Texas grid. I'm just guessing though.
Maybe he's got some property up there?
Wind energy is great, except on hot still days. Maybe we should use the energy produced when the wind blows to compress air and put into deep wells, and then used the compressed air to spin the generators when the wind stops. Not very efficient, but I'm sure it can even things out a little.

Ellen K said...

From what I understand Pickens will try to hook into the Texas power grid. Sadly, although Texas produces oil, our legislature voted down two coal fired energy plants even with new technology scrubbers. So we have to rely on natural gas. Our electric bills are sky high. The expense of building windfarms, and fighting the ensuing lawsuits, would be tacked on as some sort of surcharge I am sure. We would be better off letting Pickens drill in ANwR.